Community Walks

Innovative walking programs are our speciality. Join one of our local communities – great free way to get active, find a new walk near you and connect with your neighbours!

Guided Treks

Get off the beaten track, amazing scenery, find hidden gems in some of the most remote rural trails, forest walks or hike a mountain top.


Up for a a bit of a Challenge? Join one of our many challenges! Choose a full National Waymarked Trail or take part in the popular Bite Size Trail Walking Series and achieve something special!

Bespoke Events

For corporate teams, charities, schools and private groups we can tailor make a unique walking program, guided trek or challenge.

Rhododendron Walking Festival

In 2018 the Rhododendron Walking Festival was instigated by the inaugural Siul Eile walking community based around the Galty Vee Valley. 

It has very quickly become a major event attracting over 1,000 walkers to the Galty Vee Valley on the June Bank Holiday Weekend, to witness the spectacular phenomenon of the rhododendrons in full bloom across the Valley merging with the renowned stunning scenic beauty of this remote area under the expert guidance and hospitality of the Rhododendron Walking Festival Committee.

With a large amount of trails in the area, it is a perfect place and time to spend a walking holiday in the area. 

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Siul Eile walking programmes are a great way not only to get active, but mainly to meet your neighbours and discover parts of the community you rarely if ever visited before.

Get Active

Walking is one of the simpliest activities, suitable for nearly everyone.

Meet Your Neighbours

Meeting people from your community is really important – and it is about more than just saying ‘Hi’.


There is history and natural beauty all around us in our communities that should not be overlooked.

Liam Fleming expains what Siul Eile is about, how it started and also how it impacts local communities:

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