Siul Eile is a social enterprise helping communities come together to form walking programs and challenges using the under-utilised local environment in their own community and to develop a sustainable walking culture in their community.

We build walking programs using quiet country roads, forest paths, tracks and trails.

It is designed for local communities to live quality healthy lives, socialise together and to combat rural isolation.

So far there have been over 70 innovative walking programs organised by Siul Eile attended by almost 5,000 individuals who have walked 200,000kms (the equivalent of walking all around the world 5 times, all in their own community).

These programs have been backboned by the support of over 100 volunteers determined to create a walking culture in their community.

Social Enterprise Mark

We are part of a diverse international network of accredited social enterprises – the Social
Enterprise Mark is an independent guarantee that we put the interests of people & planet
above shareholder gain. We have been externally assessed against sector-agreed criteria
and have proved our commitment to using profits and income to create benefits for society
and the environment.
To find out more, visit www.socialenterprisemark.org.uk/what-the-social-enterprise-markmeans/


Siul Eile’s main aim is to reconnect people with each other and with their locality.

Modern day rural Ireland has become so fast paced in the last couple of decades that we are fast losing touch with each other. We were once a country that was famous for its “cead mile failte”, nowadays we barely have time for a quick “hi” to each other. In the present-day Information age we are more likely to be aware of what is happening thousands of miles away in a foreign country, than what is happening two miles down the road from us.

There is also history and natural beauty all around us in our communities that is being overlooked for the modern day fascination of the next “big story” that is consumed and forgotten in days as it is replaced by the next story and so on it continues as we live our lives by slowly but surely disconnecting ourselves from the people and environment that is all around us.

Siul Eile believes that it is time to stop and take stock of what really matters to us and believes it is time to reconnect with each other and with our local environment.
We aim to bring life back to communities by energising their people and appreciating the local history and natural beauty that is part of our local community and by extension part of each one of us.

All Siul Eile community walking programs are free and open to all to join at any time.

Siul Eile Walking Programs (Levels):                                        Walk Programme Levels

  • Walk In The Park (1)                                  1. Gentle – Short easy walks, gentle pace
  • HowsSheCuttin (2)                                                                (2-5km)
  • Walking Through The Years (2)                 2. Easy – walk at your own pace
  • Community Walks (2)                                                           (4-7km)
  • Ambling & Rambling (4)                          3. Progressive – the weekly walks will get
  • Step It Up (2,3,4)                                                          longer and/or higher
  • Couch 2 Mountain Top (2,3,4,5)               4. Moderate – walks require moderate 
  • Community Hall Crawl (2,3,4,5)                    walking experience and fitness
  • Transformation Walks (2)                         5. Challenge – programme builds to a 
  • On The Clock (2,4)                                         challenge/celebration walk climax
  • Walk On The Wild Side (2)
  • Siul Eile As Gaeilge (2)
  • Night Time Graveyard Tour
  • Trails 2 Mountain Top (3,4)
  • Walking For Health (1)
  • Young At Heart (1)


The idea was simple – Let’s go for a walk.

One walk become a walking programme, few participants became a large community, neighbours became friends, hidden roads and places were rediscovered.

Siul Eile was  born and moulded on the Social Impact Ireland (formerly BNest) social enterprise incubator program.

It was 2016 and Liam Fleming was the person organising and leading the walks around Clogheen, Co. Tipperary.

Following a successful year of walking and mentorship from Social Impact Ireland, Siul Eile expanded to Clonmel, Co Tipperary in 2017.


We have so many beautiful places on our doorstep – fascinating local history and mesmerising natural beauty – all waiting to be rediscovered.

Every community has hidden gems that even many in the locality are unaware of.

Here are some from the Galty Vee Valley where Siul Eile HQ is located.



The volunteers run the show with regard to Siul Eile walking programs. Our walks simply wouldn’t be possible without their help! Next time you are on a Siul Eile walk, lookout for the volunteers and give them your thanks. It is recommended that EVERYONE volunteer on a walk at least 3 times a year. You can put your name down after your next walk and all training will be provided.

Liam Fleming


Lifestyle coach and father-of-five Liam Fleming is the founder of Siul Eile, a walking group in Co Tipperary:

“There are lots of walking routes in Clogheen but there was a time when I wouldn’t meet anyone while I was out on my walk. That’s what triggered it for me. I thought, ‘Why aren’t the local people out here? These tracks are literally on their doorsteps.’ It drove me to get the group up and running.”



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