Community Hall Crawl

After a 12 week program, with organised walks on 3 times a week the participants were ready for the Community Hall Crawl. Over the 12 weeks the walks gradually got longer, starting off with a flat 4km, extending week by week, including a never to be forgotten 18km trek from Ballyporeen to Araglen and back!
The day itself was absolutely splendid as the walkers ambled along country roads with pitstops in five local community halls, where fabulous spreads was put on to replenish the walkers for their next leg.
Over 100 participated with 50 doing the whole 36kms!!

1st LEG – Clogheen to Duhill (6km)
2nd LEG – Duhill to Ballylooby (6km)
3rd LEG – Ballylooby to Burncourt (9km)
4th LEG – Burncourt to Ballyporen (9km)
5th LEG – Ballyporen to Clogheen (6km)

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