Siul Eile Trail Walking Series 2019

Siul Eile Trail Walking Series 2019

We have a new exciting series of walks in 2019, the Siul Eile Trail Walking Series, using 3 of the National Way Marked Trails in sections which all start or finish in Clogheen, where the first Siul Eile walk took place!

We will be dividing the trails into sections ranging from 15-30 km. The routes will encompass rolling hills, riverside paths, secluded forests, hidden gems and forgotten villages. Walk at your own pace, take time out for yourself, step back in time, enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife while exploring rural Ireland at its best.

We will be doing:
• The East Munster Way (73 km) in 3 stages,
• The Tipperary Heritage Way (56 km) in 3 stages;
• The Avondhu Way (104 km) in 5 stages.

Those that complete a full trail will receive bespoke medals with an individual feature of the trail represented on it – definitely a collectors item!

Please check our Store for tickets.

Past Events

Our special events are always meant as a challenge!

Tipp Top Challenge 2018

Tipp Top Challenge is back! Join us for a Tipp Top 2018 challenge - this time with 5 mountain tops to reach! Bring a friend, meet your neighbours and see beautiful trails at your doorstep. The Devil’s Bit is 478m above sea level. The mountain is full of history and...

Community Hall Crawl – 28km Walking Challenge

Step back in time, roam the countryside at your leisure, tea and chats in four communities along the way! Join us for a Community Hall Crawl – bring a friend, meet your neighbours and see beautiful trails at your doorstep! Pick your own distance – register...

Siul Eile Walks 1st – 8th April

Three programs on the go this week, Community Hall Crawl, Walk On The Wild Side and Get Nenagh Walking.                                                                                                            This weeks walks: Monday 2nd...

Around The World Walk

The end of the Howshecuttin walking program in Ardfinnan in November 2017 marked a special milestone for Siul Eile as we passed 40,000 km walked since we started our programs in 2016. 40,000 km is the equivalent of walking all around the world. On a chilly night, over...

Tipp Top Challenge

After participating in the Couch 2 Mountain Walking program, where participants had the choice of 3 weekly walks that gradually introduced them to the hills and hidden gems on their doorstep over 12 weeks, the Clogheen and Clonmel groups as well as others...

Community Hall Crawl

After a 12 week program, with organised walks on 3 times a week the participants were ready for the Community Hall Crawl. Over the 12 weeks the walks gradually got longer, starting off with a flat 4km, extending week by week, including a never to be forgotten 18km trek from Ballyporeen to Araglen and back!

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