Leg It To Lapland

We have our final virtual challenge for 2020 with our December Challenge, Leg It To Lapland

For this challenge, everyone is in it together as we try to cover the 4,050kms from Siul Eile HQ in Clogheen Co.Tipperary to Lapland.

The plan is to reach Lapland in time for Christmas. Every walk counts, each time you record a walk, we will put your name in the hat for a Siul Eile hat, so the more walks you do the greater chance you have of winning!! When we reach 4,050km we will have the draw, we will issue weekly updates on our Strava Club to let everyone know how we are progressing.


What you need to do is:

If you haven’t walked with Siul Eile before, register for free at https://siuleile.com/register

Download the Strava App and use this to record your walking activities. The app is very simple to use. Press record when you start walking and stop at the end. Then press finish to confirm you are finished and save.  You also have the option of adding some photos of your trek before you save it, we saw a fabulous variety of photos throughout May with hidden gems, wildlife, nature and panoramic views.

Once you have downloaded the app, join our club Siul Eile Strava Club

To find the club you might have to search via the explore button at the bottom of your page. If you can’t find Siul Eile immediately search in  the clubs section: Select Siul Eile for club name, Tipperary for Location, in the next tab select Other and finally Club Type select All. Any activity you then do will be attributed to the Siul Eile Strava club.  Every km counts so please record all walks.

Make your account private. In your profile settings, go to the privacy controls. Here you can set your profile page, activities etc to be visible only to the people who follow you. Please select for the following

Profile Page                Followers

Activities                     Everyone

Group Activities         Followers

Flybys                         No one

Privacy Zones                         Select add (+), enter your address, size of radius and save

Metro & Heatmap       Your choice

By selecting the above, people you do not know cannot follow you and see your activities. They must request permission to follow you. Privacy Zones allows you set up a 1km privacy zone around your house. That means the people who you have allowed to follow you, will not see where your activity has started or finished (They will not know where you live!). This can be an important function for most.


Remember , the sole purpose of this event is to encourage us all to be more physically active.

When exercising please remember to adhere to all the latest guidelines from the HSE when exercising outdoors.

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