Off The Beaten Track Trails

With the upsurge in people walking in recent days due to COVID-19, a lot of the popular locations for walking are thronged, making social distancing a bit more difficult.
We have decided to share hundreds of the routes that Siul Eile have walked all over Tipperary with an emphasis on bringing people to safe lowland trails and routes off the beaten track away from the crowds.

Safety has always been a vital component on all Siul Eile walks with a team of volunteers ensuring everyone enjoys their walks with the minimum of fuss and gets home safely. In these times with social distancing vital we can’t call on volunteers to bring you safely around the trails, so we will do all we can to make you enjoy the walk safely by yourself using a little bit of technology.

Since March 18th we have been putting up 3 walks a day on our Website Calendar  

Hover over each of the walks to get a quick overview, if you see a walk that interests you, click into to get further details, including Google maps to bring you to parking destination. Also there is distance, ascent (how many metres uphill walking), duration of walk, terrain and required footwear. Below that click into route to give you a quick view of where the walk takes you. Then if you decide to go on a lowland walk, we advise you to download the route onto the Viewranger app, this excellent app will keep you on track for the entire walk to alleviate any worries you may have if you are not sure of your whereabouts.

There is also an option for those who haven’t walked before with us to register for FREE with Siul Eile to receive all the walking updates for their area. You can also give us a follow on Facebook

We will continue to endeavor to put up 3 popular but not overcrowded walks a day on the website, primarily these will be lowland mountain walks on the Knockmealdowns, Comeraghs and Galtees. A special mention to Bridget McKenna, one of our Clonmel walking leaders who compiled 27 walks on the Comeragh lowlands with exceptional detail, giving those in the Clonmel area loads of options. With the evenings beginning to get a bit longer we will also share some of our community walks from the 13 Siul Eile groups around Tipperary, these walks will include safe walks around towns and villages and very quite country lanes. If anyone would like quick access to hundreds of our walks from our various walking programs they can follow Siul Eile on the walking trails apps Plotaroute which has lowland and community walks and when going on a lowland walk download our route from Viewranger

Before anyone goes on any walks in these difficult times please read and follow the following guidelines:

Follow the HSE advice for outdoor social distancing.

Don’t block any barriers, access is required at all times for emergency services.

If there is too many cars, move on and come back another time.

If you have any sick symptoms, stay at home.

Don’t stop to talk to anyone.

Stay on lowland trails, don’t venture into mountains unless you are an experienced hillwalker, the weather can change very quickly and you do not want to be calling on Mountain Rescue or other emergency services in these difficult times.

Avoid walking on busy or dangerous roads as with the increase of walking there is also the increased risk of pedestrian fatalities.

Please follow Leave No Trace guidelines when in the countryside

Abide by the Countryside Code

Last but not least enjoy being at one with Mother Nature






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