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What to Consider?

Walking is a very low risk activity, however to ensure your walks will be safe and enjoyable for all – volunteers and walkers, there are a number of important factors to take into account.



Choosing the Route


Pedestrian Safety

Group Kit Bag


Walk Registration


Warm Up / Cool Down


Regular Pit Stops


The volunteers run the show with regard to Siul Eile walking programs!
From finding the walks, promoting, registering, leading and celebrating, there is a role for everyone.
Remember, a lot of the roles can be doubled up or trebled up by one volunteer.

• Group Director
• Program Builder
• Walk Director
• Volunteer Co-Ordinator
• Texter
• Social Media Co-Ordinator
• Register
• New Walkers Briefing
• Lead Walker
• Middle Markers
• Sweeper
• Challenge Organiser
• Celebration Organiser


  •  Register group with Get Ireland Walking
  •  Inspect the walking route beforehand
  •  Get all walkers to register
  •  Know the RSA guidelines
  •  One leader per 25 walkers
  •  Group kit bag, with first aid, walkie talkies, emergency numbers
  •  Ensure suitable clothing
  •  Warm up/Cool down
  •  Regular pit stops

Get in touch

If you’re interesed in organising a walk in your local community – please get in touch and we will get back to you.

It is great opportunity for local sport partnerships, community councils, GAA clubs or anyone hoping to tackle rural isolation and lack of activity issues.  

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If you are interested in setting up your own Siul Eile walking programme, would like to join us for a walk or simply get some more information - drop us a line!



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