Avondhu Way – All 6 Days


Avondhu Way Day – All 6 Days

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DAY 1 – Saturday 30th July (12.5km)- Check in Mourneabbey 9-9.30am, bus to Bweeng, walk to Mourneabbey

A flat 12.5km stroll along country roads. The trail starts at the historic village of Bweeng , then winds its way along the lanes of North Cork  in peaceful and tranquil surroundings with nothing to hear only the bees buzzing and the fragrance of wildflowers along the route. Day 1 finishes in the grounds of Clyda Rovers GAA just after passing Mourneabbey built by the Knights Templar in 1199.

DAY 2- Saturday 6th August (17km) – Check in Killavullen 9-9.30am, bus to Mourneabbey, walk to Kilavullen

Starting from Mourneabbey, Day 2 (17km) has a gradual ascent into Knockaraura Woods. The trail then continues through a network of woods with a wide variety of native trees on display before descending to pick up the Killavullen loop trail before finishing in Killavullen.

DAY 3- Saturday 20th August (17km) – Check in Ballyhooly 9-9.30am, bus to Killavullen, walk to Ballyhooly

This predominantly woodland trail begins with picking up the Killavullen loop as it ascends through Corran Wood. The trail continues through Ballydague Woods with the soothing sounds of streams along the route as the Ballyhoura and Galtee mountain ranges appear across the valley.  The trail descends towards and then crosses the river Blackwater with Ballyhooly Castle a picturesque backdrop.

DAY 4- Saturday 3rd September (21km) – Check in Kilworth 9-9.30am, bus to Ballyhooly, walk to Kilworth

This undulating trail  crosses streams and goes through pretty forests on the way to Fermoy where the trail once again passes over the river Blackwater before continuing onto the village of Kilworth.

DAY 5- Saturday 17th September (21km) – Check in Ballyporeen 9-9.30am, bus to Kilworth, walk to Ballyporeen

Beginning in Kilworth, this trail goes through the fabulous Glansheskin Woods. The trail then takes in Ballard Waterfall before continuing on its way towards the village of Ballyporeen, not before taking in magnificent views that stare into the heart of the Galtee Mountain range.

DAY 6- Saturday 1st October (19km) – Check in Clogheen 9- 9.30am, bus to Ballyporen, walk to Clogheen

The last section of the trail is the most scenic as it ascends up remote trails through the Knockmealdown mountains giving fabulous vistas of the Blackwater valley on one side and the Galty Vee Valley on the other. The trail then picks up the Tipperary Heritage Way as it descends down to Bay Lough, synonymous with the witch Petticoat Loose.  Shortly afterwards the East Munster Way trail joins in on the descent to Clogheen, one of the major junctions in Ireland on the National Way Marked Trails.


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Date: July 30, 2022

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