Wicklow Way 2024 : Stage 1


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The first leg of this epic journey, from Marlay Park to Crone Woods, is a beautiful 21-kilometer introduction to the Wicklow Way’s diverse landscapes and rich history.

The adventure commences at Marlay Park, a sprawling public parkland situated in the suburbs of Dublin. Here, you’ll find landscaped gardens, a Victorian mansion, and even a deer park. Stepping out of Marlay Park, the trail ushers you into the heart of the Dublin Mountains. The climb rewards you with breathtaking panoramic views of Dublin City sprawling beneath you. Leaving the city behind, the trail takes you through open moorland offering stunning vistas of the Wicklow Mountains. Gear up for some moderate inclines as you navigate the foothills. The climb is gradual, allowing you to savor the unfolding scenic beauty. The trail descends briefly to a road section before tackling the climb to Prince William’s Seat, the highest point in this leg. The panoramic views from the summit are truly awe-inspiring. From the vantage point of Prince William’s Seat, the Wicklow Way descends towards the Glencree Valley before entering the tranquillity of Wicklow’s second largest forest, Crone Woods.

The Marlay Park to Crone Woods section of the Wicklow Way is a challenging yet rewarding hike that offers stunning scenery, historical sites, and a true wilderness experience. With its diverse landscapes and gradual inclines that lead to breathtaking vistas, this portion of the Wicklow Way is a great choice for hikers seeking a memorable introduction to this iconic trail.

Date: Saturday 15th June

Time: 10am

Distance: 21 km

Ascent: 715 metres

Duration: 6-7 hrs


There will be a bus transfer provided from car park to walking start point for each walk. Walkers then complete walk and their cars will be at finish of walk. We have walking guides, leaders, sweepers, stewards on the walk along with first aid and a support vehicle. There will also be refreshments to enjoy after each walk.

Event Details

Date: June 15, 2024

Start time: 10:00

Venue: Crone Woods