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From the outset, one of the core Siul Eile principles is providing free walks to participants. This in turn connects walkers with each other and their communities, producing physical, health and well-being benefits as well as inspirational stories from individual transformations.

However many people wanted to show their appreciation and help us in our endeavours to set up in more communities and develop new walking programs, so we have developed Siul Eile Supporter. To become a Siul Eile Supporter go to our Store section.

By becoming a Supporter you will be eligible to receive weekly walks notifications via WhatsApp or text . Milestone rewards for the dedicated and committed Supporter (available to those who complete 100,200,300 etc walks with Siul Eile). You will also receive the Siul Eile Newsletter.

Our Supporters are passionate about their locality, inspired by the individual stories of their fellow walkers, appreciate the walking opportunities provided to them and want to see more communities experiencing the feel good factor of Siul Eile.

As a Siul Eile Supporter you directly support:
• Day to day operations (administration, marketing, communications etc.)
• Devising new walking programs.
• Setting up new groups.
• Siul Eile training
• Volunteer rewards

The annual cost of becoming a Supporter is €20.

Since the first Siul Eile walk in 2016, we have now organised over 400 walks, with over 2,000 individuals taking part who between them have walked over 85,000kms.


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